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Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach.
You gave me faith ‘coz you believed.


Community + tumblr text posts (inspired by x)

Now, say my name.
You’re  Heisenberg.
You’re goddamn right.

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Like nothing’s changed. Not true of course.

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february 2015 (x)

tumblr award results


best url «derek hale award»

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best theme «kira yukimura award»

Winner: rxginamills

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best icon «lydia martin award»

Winner: annieedisns 

Runner Ups: allisvnargentsassyaccola, runnersammy

best posts «isaac lahey award»

Winner: millionponds

Runner Ups: liqhtwould, lyannahstarks

best graphics/gifs «holland roden award»

Winner: sydneysaege

Runner Ups: jabberjais, stilinskiwerewolf

best teen wolf «allison argent award»

Winner: boldlydia

Runner Ups: bewareargent, loststiles

best reign «mary stuart award»

Winner: jerlenas 

best once upon a time «emma swan award» 

Winner: rolliejogger

Runner Up: swandipity

best game of thrones «margaery tyrell award»

Winner: margaerytvrell

Runner Ups: valahdohaerisbeautrisprior

best doctor who «clara oswald award»

Winner: weasleytastic

Runner Ups: oswinz, strikedeleven

best harry potter «hermione granger award»

Winner: teddyluqin

Runner Ups: hogsmederavenchlaw

best multifandom «sebastian stan award»

Winner: stormborni

Runner Ups: qeenofhell, kitteypryde

nicest blogger «scott mccall award»

Winner: elianymeros

Runner Ups: madgesgoldpin, insynchlikeharmony

my favorite «daniel sharman award»


Runner Ups:whltewalkers, dearpadfoot

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